The start of nothing special really…

Attempt two. YES, that is right, I am writing the same post all over again. Not because I want to, but because my worst enemy at the moment makes me, my computer, that needlessly had to restart itself without my permission. I smelled the delicious dinner that was waiting for me downstairs when I had just finished the last sentence of the previous version of this post, as I rushed downstairs to have the first plate… So let’s try this again, shall we?

Hello? Is this how you start something like this? How do you start something like this? I’ll just perform a quick search on the internet… Woah! That looks like a funny video, as I begin watching this video I get sucked up in it and keep watching these similar videos for the rest of this beautiful evening. Probably instantly forgetting about this blog and never actually finishing this post. Not today, instead of opening another tab in my browser I choose to write about the fact that I do not know how to start something like this, a blog.

I guess I’ll start by introducing myself? My name is … Wait, that’s not how I want to do this, if people know it’s me, writing this, they will probably laugh at the fact of me sitting here and having a ‘blog’. They would tease me, and I would laugh with them because I never saw myself doing this either. Why do I even have a blog? REALLY? It’s that time of the year again where I have to spend hours a day, for weeks in a row behind my desk to study books full of information that I hope I will use someday. While I study, I always come up with the craziest idea’s where, in my normal day to day life, I would never come up with. Having my own blog is an example of an idea like this, and here I am, writing my first post, not actually my first post because of my worst enemy but you get the point. I paid a year-long subscription for this website where I get my own domain name and stuff like that… Wait? A YEAR-LONG? Before you start asking questions about this it is because there was no other option, just to be clear. These websites are blood-sucking creatures, but I understand, they have to make their shareholders happy too. But does that mean my happiness does not count anymore?? Before I scare you off with my frustrations about how WordPress makes me have a blog for at least a full year, which is scary, I will continue on.

Finally, in this third paragraph, I will actually try and introduce myself, the nameless version of myself of course. I am 19 years old, but my family always says that I am 19 years YOUNG. I think it’s the most regular joke you get when you see family again after a long period of time. But next year, I mean this year, I will be 20 years old, and that actually feels pretty old. Still, the same joke will be told next Christmas that I am still 20 years YOUNG, thanks uncle Pat. I am a student, of course, otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing this right here. I study International Business Management at a college in Antwerp, where I live, in Belgium, if you did not know that. My courses are all in English which is quite interesting, that is probably also one of the reasons I am writing this blog in English, to practice… And maybe also because chances that anyone would actually read my ‘blog’ are greatly increased by making it an English ‘blog’, I know, It’s sad… But, going back to my studies, because it is called International Business Management, half of the population of my class are from all over the world, which is super interesting. I hear a lot of stories about different places in the world and I think that makes my time in college a lot more fun!

Basically, I have been writing here behind my desk for an hour, for the second time today, and again, I realize how fast this goes. There is a lot more of probably very boring stuff to you, for me, to tell you but I will keep that for another ‘blog’ post. Probably because I think everyone craves for the regular satisfaction of being able to read the last sentence of a post so they can click on to the next one and tell people they have read a blog post, even if it’s only a short one! It’s satisfying to finish something, I guess? Do others think about it the same way? Yes? No? We’ll probably never know since chances of anyone actually reading this blog are particularly small. Anyway, in my first version, in the end, I said that I would maybe try to write another post later this evening but honestly, I am about to have a one-on-one battle with my computer because of what he has done to me. So chances are low that will happen, but, maybe tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Or will I never ever write something again? Who will know? time will tell…

Anyways, I will leave this inspirational quote that WordPress put in for me as a placeholder right here. So you can reflect on yourself and the time you have just wasted reading this failed blog post about a nameless person. About the picture, I am still hesitating but you’ll find out if I kept it on the ‘blog’ I guess?

Actually, the feeling of knowing that no one will ever read this makes me feel very comfortable and makes this like some sort of diary?

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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