I’m feeling less obligated!

You will never believe this but I am actually already writing a new post? Yes, it is now 17 minutes past midnight, 4th of January 2019 so I guess this is my post for today? Although I don’t think I will be able to write to you every day? I don’t want to rush things which is something I normally tend to do. I will write when I have something to write about but I just realized that writing my first post a few hours ago was actually pretty fun in this darker time of my life, finals in college. I still feel a bit uncomfortable by the concept of blogging, I just don’t know if what I am doing is the definition of blogging? Does anybody blog about their own life? I wonder. Besides still feeling uncomfortable I am feeling less obligated to do it since I paid for a YEAR-LONG SUBSCRIPTION, yes I am still frustrated about it, but maybe I will be thankful for it later? I wonder.

What I mainly wanted to talk about is a TED Talk I’ve just seen. We all know a TED Talk, right? It’s a big organization that keeps these huge events were a lot of public speakers come and give inspiring speeches, in short. And I’ve recently, a month ago or so, signed up for it and chose topics that interested me, and now they give me a recommended video each day. I love these videos since they are all so interested and personalized to my interests. The TED Talk that was recommended to me today was: ‘The secret to desire in a long-term relationship.’ At first, I was a bit surprised about the topic because I am not really into these relationship information videos or love-related TED Talks. Maybe TED knew more about me than I realize and it wants to give me a sign? It can’t because I never had a long-term relationship, how could I? I am 19 years OLD, I should be living life with my friends, free from everything, just experiencing life now that I have more responsibilities than ever before. Luckily I had trust in TED and decided to just watch the video. I came to the realization that it was so interesting that I watched the TED Talk twice and the second time I listened more carefully so that I could understand everything perfectly. I will leave the link to the TED Talk below and I really recommend you watch it! I’ll tell you in short what it actually included, basically what she is trying to explain is that distance between people is one of the more important things in a relationship to keep the desire and excitement of love that you had at the beginning of your relationship. This is true, being away from each other so that you can actually realize that you need your partner or miss your partner and that you actually want to be with them again, instead of when you are always with your partner you feel obligated to want to be with your partner. This is my own insight after watching the TED Talk and I really felt like I discovered something, like I did something useful with my brain, even though for the last couple weeks I have been studying non-stop.

The woman giving the TED Talk was a really interesting character herself!

There was a lot of other stuff she told in the TED Talk but I’ll leave that for my non-existent readers so they can watch it for themselves right here

It’s getting late and I need to wake up pretty early in the morning to start with my horrible battle against the Spanish language! Not in a bad way though, not at all, I love Spanish, I picked it at the beginning of the school year because I think it sounds beautiful. Besides that it is also a very sexy language, If I learn it well and I am able to speak it well I could perhaps maybe even use it in the Antwerp nightlife to impress people? Anyways, I love the language until I actually have to study it a few days before the exam. But more about my love for the Spanish language may be in a later post, who will know.

Now I’ll go to bed because I am already excited for my fresh cup of drip coffee, but not so much for my boring looking desk where I will be sitting at for the rest of the day. Maybe I should cheer up my desk more? It could work negatively since I will be distracted much easier and it will take time to decorate… I’ll just leave it at that, I think that’s the smartest idea in these times.

Good night

P.S. Watch the TED Talk 😉

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