Of course, I gave up.

Do we know each other? Oh yes, of course! You were the non-existent readers I wrote my blog posts for, I remember.

This is what I feel I should write to you. I am sorry people not reading this, I am sorry for myself. I really wanted to keep doing this but of course as I expected it did not go as planned. Why am I back? Because one thing happened in the course of last week… I read a book.

Don’t get me wrong, I have read books before but it was always for school, it was obligated. But during this exam period, I actually felt the willingness for reading a book, I really wanted to start reading more. So, me with my high skills in procrastinating put away my stuff for Spanish, which I nailed, by the way, the day after, I get on my laptop and surf to the Amazon version of Belgium, bol.com. Really nice website and I go to the English book section, why not the Dutch ones? Because books that are translated in Dutch somehow suck all the way. It’s the same with tv shows or movies if you read the subtitles and something isn’t funny but you laughed because in English it was funny it means a thing. Reading a book in the language it was originally written in is at least ten times better. There was one book that immediately got my attention: The subtle art of not giving a fuck, by Mark Manson.

This book is just a diamond, I never felt joy out of reading something, I started appreciating books and the fact of calmness that comes with it. I swear I laughed the first chapter straight through, it was weird because I never did this before. Every day for the next week I was reading, not forcing myself, just one or two chapters a day, and it was great. I learned so much from reading it, I learned just to not give that many fucks anymore, to choose wisely to what I truly give some fucks too. And it enlightened me. All the psychological stories about famous people got me shocked at times. But also his personal stories were so true and so well written. I was amazed, truly amazed. Reading this book in about five days was the fastest I ever took to read a book. In school, it often took a month or more to read a book of 150 pages whilst now it only took me 5 days to read a 200-page book. How? I realized that reading a book can only be fun when you actually want to read it. And that got me thinking about how schools could actually make reading fun for youngsters.

It’s simple, we shouldn’t make them read a book and make them like it, it’s forced and it does no good for the experience of reading a book. Because nobody doesn’t like reading, it’s just that a lot of people have the wrong way of thinking towards books and reading them. They see books and they get traumatic memories to times where they were graded on the fact of how well they read a book. This is why we should not make them read but we should stimulate reading. We should teach them what it truly is like to read a book. How enlightening it can be, we have to make it so that the kids actually want to try and read a book. When we were a baby and a toddler we loved books. We loved the stories our parents told us before going to sleep. Why does this fade? How come this happens? It’s because we give them the impression that reading is an obligation, that it is no fun and that it’s hard to read a book. These are my thoughts about the fact of people not reading enough books.

Today I finished the book and I immediately went on bol.com and bought myself another book, How to kill a Mockingbird. I am really excited for this one as it has won a Pulitzer prize and it is rated as a must read book. I will try to not forget the blog this time, especially for you, my non-existent readers!

Goodbye, and oh, start reading.

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